Superhero Blues 3

Stop motion  puppet animation (7’30). 10 years after Superhero blues 3, here is the third episode. Story, directing and music : Roberto Ceriani

Superhero Blues 2

Stop motion  puppet animation (15’00). After Superhero Blues 1, here is the second episode. Same characters, new adventure. 3 awards, 7 nominations. This film was broadcasted at […]

Superhero Blues 1

Stop motion  puppet animation (5’07). This is my first stop motion animation. This movie won 9 awards (including a Jury’s 1rst prize) and was nominated 5 times in short movies festivals. […]

Bruce Springsteen’s puppet

Stop motion animation (3’50) The Boss sings one of his old songs, “Restless Nights” on stage. I created the puppet an animated it syncing mouth and body […]

Dirty socks

Stop motion animation (1’15) Dirty socks reach the laundry basket by themselves. Here is the webcam proof! This film was shot on a very short notice for the […]

Info Zero

Stop motion animation (1’16) This film was shot to promote Fun radio’s morning show using an existing recording of it. I created the animators’ puppets and animated […]

Where the hell is Spiderman?

Stop motion animation (1’00) A little wink to the famous youtube video Where the hell is Matt? Director and Music : Roberto Ceriani

Puppet dance

Stop motion animation (0’20) A stop motion test on a Hip Hop dance, imitating movements from a real dance video. See making of. Director : Roberto Ceriani Le […]

Appointment with the cake

Stop motion animation (0’31) – extract. This is an e-card made for the website A candle is late for its appointment with the birthday cake… Director : […]

Roast turkey with chestnuts

Stop motion animation (0’50). This is e-card was made for the website The chestnuts have come for a great event… Director : Roberto Ceriani

Letters game

Stop motion animation (0’28). This e-card was made for the website A monster must find the right letter combination… The right answer is “happy birthday” (in […]

Cake and gift

Stop motion animation (0’26). This e-card was made for the website The little monster wants his cake… Director : Roberto Ceriani

The designer

Stop motion animation (0’45). This e-card was made for the website The designer is trying to find an idea for a “happy new year” e-card. Director : […]

The magician

Stop motion animation (0’27) This e-card was made for the website A magician manipulates playing cards until a personalized message appears on one of them. Director : Roberto Ceriani

Spiderman in the woods

Stop motion animation (0’16) Spiderman is a city guy. Forests don’t seem to be familiar to him… A short animation on green screen superposed on real footage. […]

Billie Jean

Rotoscoping animation (0’35). A short animation showing Michael Jackson’s silhouette making his famous dance footsteps. Like for stop motion, rotoscoping is done with a frame by […]